▌ Highlights:
★ 10 clues to guess a 1980s Billboard Top 40 song
★ Die-hard '80s music fans will love it
★ Intelligent and funny clues
★ Play individually or be the Quiz Master for your friends/family
★ Quiz works without an Internet connection
A challenging '80s music trivia game! You have 10 clues to guess the name of a Billboard Top 40 song. Clues are valued from 10 points (most difficult) to 1 point (easiest).
Discover long-forgotten favorite songs or find out new facts about the songs you call your own. You can play the quiz by yourself or be the Quiz Master for your family/friends.
Win no valuable prizes save admiration and self-esteem. It is against the “rules” to use the Internet or reference books or to spend your afternoons in karaoke bars.
I’d wish you well but that would be contrary to my curmudgeonly nature.
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